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We simply carry out / conduct a viable & reliable research right from main sources

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Our research conduct gives birth to data collection from various aspect & beyond

Data Analysis & Management

Rightful information is the key to any successful business.


Business is a process of exchange items or information for money. We do data business.

About Us

MAL (Market Africa Limited) has taken into cognisance with keen interest the various economic and youth development programs created in the past but could not stand the test of time due to changes in government policies by successive administration that has forestall the continuity of such programs which gave birth to high rate of unemployment thereby, causing youth restiveness leading to our present day insecurity and economic decline, these and many more mandated the company to roll out various economic and youth development program to cushion the effect of unemployment and security challenges amongst the teeming youth and the country at large. Thus, the need for historical establishment of this great company to fill in the void by providing a veritable platform, for character development, economic innovation and diversification for comprehensive market system.

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Field & Data Research

A research and data analytics company called Market Africa Limited (MAL) is registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.) under registration number RC. 1826114. At Market Africa Limited, we use a variety of research techniques to triangulate data for sound decision-making. Data on environmental issues, consumer satisfaction and experience, need assessment, media and communication audit, political trend analysis, marketing, election and voting decisions, voter education, and other topics are collected and analysed by our team. We offer training on research and data analytics as well as consulting services regarding our services. For media monitoring services, people frequently turn to us.

Design & Data Collection

Market Africa Limited’s (MAL) efforts are often focused on fostering economic development, growth, and sustainability. This is best explained from four broad angles, specifically: Relationships that Market Africa has with traders, investors, clients, consumers, farmers, and herders, as well as with governments and communities. In the 36 States of the Federation, including the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, the concept of MARKET AFRICA LIMITED (MAL), if carefully implemented with the strategies put in place, will create job opportunities for well over 20 percent to 45 percent of unemployed Nigerian youths  and beyond in a variety of economic sectors.

Data Analysis & Management

In order to communicate a story or solve a problem, researchers significantly rely on data. Data is nothing more than the response to the inquiry that comes first. But what if there isn’t even a question? Well! Even in the absence of a problem, it is feasible to study the data; this process, known as “data mining,” frequently reveals patterns worth investigating.

Our Researchers examine a variety of data, and their goals, as well as those of their audiences, help them to identify patterns that will help them convey the story they want to tell. Being open-minded and impartial toward unexpected patterns, expressions, and results is one of the key qualities researchers are supposed to possess when examining data. Keep in mind that data analysis occasionally provides the most fascinating and unexpected tales that were not anticipated when data analysis first began. Therefore, rely on the information at hand and take pleasure in the exploratory research process. MAL use her potential capacity to proffer solution to you problem (Individual, firm & organisation) 

Business & Consultancy

Build new products and services that match customer behaviours and expectations. Tap into unfulfilled needs or undeserved markets with a smart, systematic market research collection tools.

Our team of experts can help you scope and refine your consumer insights research projects efficiently using our experts on field research, all-round web and social media listening and analytics suite

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