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About Us



i. Establishment: MARKET AFRICA LIMITED (MAL) is a young and vibrant Limited liability
company incorporated under the companies and allied matters act of 2020. The Company came
to limelight in the year 2010 in Jos, Plateau State North Central Nigeria. Established by Awuya I.
Ahmed, and registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission, under the companies
and allied matters Act of 2020 in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja on the 9 th August, 2021. In
line with its mandate, the company is committed to making our market veritable tools essential
for Economic Growth, Development and Sustainability. Market Africa Limited (MKT. Africa
Limited) met all legal specification with its Registration Number: RC. 1826114.


ii. Core Mandate: Promotion of African Markets, we study the market place to analyse, Criticise, understand and
proffer better solutions on the way forward. We are market promoters we scout the Market for
potential investment opportunities or Job opportunities. .


iii. Background: The activities of MARKET AFRICA LIMITED (MAL) came into existence as a
result of the passion of its Founder and CEO, to connect the average Nigerian to different
markets in Nigeria using Modern Technologies with its opportunities too enormous to mention,
to understand each Markets’ unique qualities, in other to share in the information with the rest
of the world to contain fears of investment failures in Nigeria and give rise to future hopes,
successes with a view to develop, harness and redirect our productive energies and resources
towards the market for economic innovations to attain advancement and development of this
great nation (Nigeria) and Africa at large.


After investing time, energy and resources into research works to achieve functional and
sustainable economic growth index, youth development and orientation, it was obvious that
more has to be done for the youth to move away from the error of the past and for our Dear
Nation. For the sake of the future of our beloved country Nigeria, although endowed with
abundant human and natural resources that could aid in discoveries and attainments of full
economic potentials in terms of sociological, psychological, intellectual, physical economic
development and industrial advancement, are still deficient in comprehensive and practical
economic orientation programs for real economic development to occur. The mechanisms to
assist the youth and the economy to cope with the emerging challenges of 21 st century
contemporary issues are missing, this scenario constituted a hug impediment to the positive
development of the Nigerian Youth and the economy.


The Founder and CEO of Market Africa Limited (MAL) has taken into cognisance
with keen interest the various economic and youth development programs created in the past but could
not stand the test of time due to changes in government policies by successive administration that has
forestall the continuity of such programs which gave birth to high rate of unemployment thereby,
causing youth restiveness leading to our present day insecurity and economic decline, these and many
more mandated the company to roll out various economic and youth development program to cushion
the effect of unemployment and security challenges amongst the teeming youth and the country at
large. Thus, the need for historical establishment of this great company to fill in the void by
providing a veritable platform, for character development, economic innovation and
diversification for comprehensive market system.

Furthermore, the activities of MARKET AFRICA LIMITED (MAL) are
generally related to promotion of economic Growth, Development and Sustainability. This can
be best described in four broad perspectives namely: Market Africa Relationship with


i) Traders/ Investors;

ii) Clients/Consumers;

iii) Farmers/Herders; and

iv) Government &


Communities. The concept of MARKET AFRICA LIMITED (MKT. AFRICA LIMITED) if carefully
implemented with the strategies put in place, will create job opportunities for well over 20% –
45% percent unemployed Nigerian youths in various sectors of the economy and across the 36
States of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


iv) MOTTO: “Economic Growth, Development and Sustainability”


v) SCOPES: We study the market, for better investment or employment opportunities by exploring,
evaluating, predicting, criticising and understanding to proffer better solutions to the 21 st
century contemporary economic problems of Nigeria and the way forward and leverage on our
Economic comparative cost advantage for development.


 Explore
 Evaluate
 Predict
 Criticize
 Understand
 Solutions( investment or employment) opportunities.


 How many markets do we have in Nigeria?
 How many markets do we have per States?
 How many markets do we have per LGA’S?
 How many markets do we have per communities?


 Three – three days markets
 Four – four days markets
 Five –five days markets
 Six – six days markets


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